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If you do not live in our immediate area, you may be wondering how you will get your new friend home. You
will be required to come and pick up your puppy in person, have a mutual friend pick your puppy up for you,
or have your puppy delivered. There are a couple of options, but if you are from out of the country, please
note that we only deliver puppies to specific areas within Canada, so you will need a valid passport to get an
Eromit puppy.

Driving to Get Your Puppy

Whenever possible, it is best to drive to pick your puppy up. Not only do you get to meet us and our doggies,
but the long drive home is an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your new pup. There is just no
comparison to time spent on the open road!

If you are planning to come get your little one from a distance, we recommend driving up the night before.
Plan to stay either in Quesnel (if you are coming from the south) or Prince George or Hixon (if you are
headed from the north). After one last sleep-in, you can pick your puppy up early in the morning and make
your way back home. Plan to spend at least an hour or two at Eromit Acres to complete the purchase
paperwork, go over feeding and care instructions, and to meet the gang. Included in your puppy starter kit is
a collar, leash, small bag of food, and a toy or blanket that smells like mom - so your puppy doesn't get too
lonesome on those first few nights. You should pack the following:

  • Crate - be sure to bring some extra bedding along. Your puppy will not be able to ride in the back of
    the truck, or loose in the back seat of the car. He can be held by a passenger for short times but will
    be happiest in a crate.
  • Dog Dish - it's a good idea to bring some bottled water also.
  • Poop bags - puppy will likely need some pit stops, so be prepared!
  • Paper Towel & Spray cleaner - although most puppies will not mess in a vehicle, it may take some time
    for you to get used to his or her 'asking out' signal - so come prepared for an accident.
  • Chew toy - good for long drives. Puppy probably won't be interested right away but may settle down in
    a few hours for a good chew.
  • Tunes- fun for you to sing along to, and also help to drown up the puppy if he decides to sing a
    lonesome song!

Puppy on a Plane?

Shipping a puppy on his own in the cargo compartment of a plane is possible and has been done. However,
for a variety of reasons, we will no longer be offering the option of sending puppies as
unaccompanied cargo as of January 2013.
You may however, fly to meet us, either here in Quesnel,
Prince George, or a mutually agreed upon airport, and take your puppy back home with you in the cabin of
the plane, or as 'extra baggage' in the cargo compartment.

If you decide to fly here to pick up your puppy, we can arrange to meet you at either the Quesnel, Prince
George,  or Vancouver  airports, depending on where you are coming from. Other central meeting locations
may be considered.  We do charge a fee to cover our expenses for meeting any plane (except in Quesnel,
see below for more details) - expenses will be shared if there is more than one family picking up there puppy
from that area.  In order to fly home in the cabin of the plane (under your seat), weight and height restrictions
may apply. It would be very rare for one of our 8 week old puppies to be too large to fly, but we recommend
booking your flight for as close to the 8 week mark as possible just to be safe (note: we can not release
puppies early so be sure to confirm the flight date with use before booking). Nearly all puppies over 10 weeks
will be too large for in cabin flights, but they can fly with you in the cargo compartment. Please ensure that
your airline provides a climate-controlled cargo compartment if your puppy must fit there, and be sure to
book this space in advance as often flights are limited to the number of animals they can carry. Also, please
notify us if your puppy will need any additional paperwork for the flight, so we can take care of this (at your
expense) prior to the take home day. If you need us to provide a crate or soft sided carrier for your flight, we
can certainly do this- please let us know well in advance so that we can be sure to have the right size on
hand for purchase.

Having Your Puppy Delivered

Delivery is NOT an option for every litter, or for every destination, however, occasionally we will offer this
service if we can coordinate meeting several puppy families at once and our schedule allows it. We will let
you know at the time of reservation if this is an option for the litter you are considering. Typically this occurs
in Abbotsford/Vancouver, or destinations along the way. We do charge a fee to cover our fuel and hotel
expenses for this trip and it is split between however many families are partaking in this option (typically
works out to between $100-$300). Because we will no longer be using unaccompanied air-cargo shipping of
puppies as of 2013, this service may be offered more regularly, and is obviously cheaper and safer than it
would be to send your puppy by air.   If room allows, we usually try to bring one of the adult relatives of the
puppies for you to meet but this is not always possible.
How To Bring Your Puppy Home
Marie-Claude and her puppy "Shadow", at the airport.
It's love at first sight!