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That's the word that best describes the Eromit breeding program. Our dogs are selected from lines excelling in these four

Temperament - Dogs must be friendly towards people and other animals, cooperative, forgiving, and biddable. They should be
accepting of strangers, unusual situations, noises and smells. Dogs in our program should be easily trainable by even a
first-time dog owner. Our dogs are known for having a 'sixth sense' with children and small pets and play very gently with them.

Health - All breeding stock are certified to be clear of testable diseases found in Labradors. This includes WCVM/OFA/OVC
certification against hip and elbow dysplasia, CERF/OFA clearance for genetic eye problems, and  tested status for prcd-PRA,
RD/OSD, CNM and EIC. We strive to produce dogs who are physically tough,  resistant to injury and unaffected by genetic
disease. Good working conformation is a must.

Natural Hunting Ability  -  In order to excel as a working dog, Labs should have a great desire (drive) to perform their trained
duties. Courageous, eager, enthusiastic, and persistent are words that describe a high drive dog. Our dogs are well known for
their exceptional drive and intensity, and for their 'off-switch' - our Labs are able to relax when off-duty and do not constantly
remain in drive. Eromit Labs are very active and energetic but NOT hyper, when trained appropriately.  Hunting traits such as
birdiness, soft-mouth, marking, perseverance, nose and lining are partially heritable traits and tested in our breeding dogs to
produce puppies who are able to perform to  superior level in the field.

Athleticism - We select breeding stock that are able to perform quickly, with sustained endurance, and without getting injured.  
A good retriever, like any  good working dog, often is subject to long days in the field and a well-bred dog can get the job done
day in and day out. We aim for Labs on the smaller side of the standard who are rugged, and agile. They are sufficiently strong
enough to retrieve downed geese, while being nimble and quick on their toes for upland hunting, agility or SAR.
General Puppy Buying Information
How Our Puppies Are Raised

Our puppies are born and raised in our home, in a dedicated 'puppy
room' which is a quiet place where mom can tend to their needs
without disturbance. The puppy room is equipped with it's own
heating and cooling system to ensure a steady temperature. It also
hosts a 'spy cam' - a video camera that allows us to keep a constant
eyes on the youngsters, although they are rarely without human
supervision for the first several weeks.

Getting each puppy off to the right start is incredibly important. From
day one, each puppy is  handled by humans. We start out by
assisting with birth, followed by a close inspection,  individual
identification (ribbon collar) and recording the birth weight of each
puppy. Each day, new weights are recorded as every puppy is
individually handled.  Eromit puppies undergo
Early  Neurological  
Stimulation - this is a daily regime of specific handling exercises that
promotes brain development and helps to increase the learning
capacity of the brood. We also try to take pictures of each puppy
every week day and videos are posted weekly on our website so
that new owners can follow their progress.

As the puppies senses develop, we begin their socialization.
Different lighting conditions, sounds, and smells are presented. At
three weeks, puppies are provided with a litterbox as the first step
in house-training. At around four weeks, puppies begin to spend a bit
of time each day away from their litter mates.  They will begin to
spend some time outdoors in nice weather, and will be presented
with an enriched environment. We allow them to explore walking on
different surfaces (carpet, lino, grass, gravel, dirt); they are
introduced to different toys  (toys that squeak, rattle, are furry or  
bouncy) and we add new objects into their area (tunnels, tippy
boards, kiddie pools, jungle gym, etc). They will experience gunfire
and birds, spend time around children, cats, older dogs and will  
learn about  being bathed and groomed.  Each puppy will be  
introduced to crate training as well. Depending on the weather,
puppies may be allowed  to swim (
video of swimming intro here) or
play in snow and ice. Also at around 4-5 weeks, puppies moveout of
the whelping box into our 'puppy house' which allows them to go in
and out as they please- further developing their instincts to stay
clean and potty outdoors.

By six weeks of age, puppies are completely weaned and eating
solid food -although sometimes mom insists this happens sooner!
All pups are vaccinated  and vet checked at 6 weeks.  They will also
be dewormed (as they were at 2 and 4  weeks).   We also tattoo
each puppy as a form of permanent ID at this stage.

At around 6 weeks of age, we will begin the process of evaluating
puppies for matching with their new families. This process may last
until their 8th week. Puppies are evaluated in terms of their
temperament, structure, drive,  and their reactions to all the new
things they have experienced.  Because we have spent so much
time with the little ones, we will have a good idea of what sort of
personality each has developed. And because we are so familiar
with our line of Labs, we will be able to choose the perfect  puppy to
meet your needs, based on your sex and color preference, your
future goals, and any specific traits you are looking for in a dog.  In
this sense, everyone gets a 'first pick' puppy!  Puppies are ready to
go to their new homes no sooner than 8 weeks of age.

Reserving a Puppy

There can be a lot of excitement involved with acquiring a Lab puppy
and we try to announce our litter plans as far in advance as we can,
which gives new owners the time to plan (and puppy proof their
houses!) It also gives us the chance to meet you and get to
know what you are looking for in a puppy.   
Current Litters and
Future Litters are both listed on our website. Often we are planning
well in advanced for litters not yet posted.

If you see a planned breeding that you are interested in, or are
looking far into the future,  please call or email us and tell us a little
about what you are looking for in a puppy. You can also fill out our
reservation form that includes our initial questions (click
Litters are often sold out prior to being born, so once you have
decided that an Eromit puppy is what you are looking for, we
encourage you to contact us early to get the process started. Once
we have received your reservation from and talked to you  about the
possibility of a puppy, exchanged references, if we do not know you
personally,  and cleared up any additional questions you may have
(or that we may have for you), we will request a $250 deposit to
confirm your puppy reservation.  We will keep you informed with
litter updates as we approach the breeding date and due date, and
will confirm things like puppy pickup dates and arrangements, as
well as answering your questions along the way.

Once the puppies are born, we will send each family on the
reservation list a detailed message about how the whelping process
went and what to expect next, including a copy of our "Puppy
Owner's Manual".  We then  begin posting regular photo updates on
facebook page. As the puppies grow, you will be able to come
and visit them - the age of visitation may vary depending on how
eager  the dam is to allow visitors- or if you are from out of town,
watch the website for frequent photo and video updates.

Purchasing a Puppy

Puppies cost $1500  to $2000 and pricing details will be posted on
the  individual litter page.  Your deposit applies towards the total
cost and the balance of the purchase price plus tax  is due at the
time of puppy  pickup.  PLEASE NOTE: as of January 1st 2013, we
will no longer be shipping puppies as unaccompanied
cargo-however, we can certainly arrange to meet you at the airport
so that your puppy can fly back safely in your care. We also
occasionally deliver puppies to the  Vancouver area and
destinations along the way at the buyer's  expense (more details


What is included in  the price:
* Canadian Kennel Club Registration (non-breeding unless
otherwise  agreed in writing at the time of reservation)
* Puppy Owner's Manual (sent in advance so you are prepared!)
* Documentation
* Purchase Agreement & 30 month Health Warranty
* Trial Health Insurance Policy (Pet Secure and/or Trupanion)
* Puppy's Individual Health records & Pedigree
* Small starter bag of food
* Puppy sized collar & leash
* Permanent Identification (tattoo and/or microchip)
* Something that smells like momma dog - blanket or toy
* Vet Checkup,  First Vaccinations & Deworming up to date

What is not included:
* Taxes (5% GST and 7% PST)
* Delivery or travel expenses, if any
* Additional health certifications required for travel
* Care or training beyond 9 weeks of age unless specifically

Within 6 months of purchase, your puppy's CKC registration papers
will be forwarded to you. And as always, we are available any time to
answer any questions you may have. We provide breeder support
for life!
We also have a lifetime return policy - if you cannot keep
your Eromit dog, he or she is always welcome here.  We are
committed to the well being of each puppy produced, for it's entire

PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell puppies to Puppy Mills, Brokers, or Pet
Stores. We do not sell puppies as breeding stock for mixed breed
'designer dogs' or to any breeder intentionally breeding mismarked
Labs.  We do not sell puppies to those planning to train and resell
the dog. We are looking for 'forever homes' that are the best
possible match for each puppy and this is in the best interest of the
puppies, the new owners, and our breeding program. We reserve
the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason and may cancel a
reservation at any time.