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Bit of Shine Engl AGDC
Call Name:     
12 Gen COI      
Yellow (eeBb) (carries chocolate)
21.5 inches
55 pounds
OFA LR-176469G61F-VPI
CAER Clear 2014 LR-EYE5140/135F-VPI
Clear - LR-EIC77/62F-VPI
Clear - LR-CNM08-785-F-PIV
Carrier LR-PRA691/85F-VPI-CAR
Clear LR-RDY62/85F-VPI
Twig is a beautiful, dark yellow female - 55 pounds of pure muscle and power! She is a very fast, focused dog who is
quiet in the house and easy to live with but revs way up for training. Twig gives 110% whether it is retriever training,
agility, tracking or sledding. She has earned her Starter Games Dog of Canada agility title and will be pursuing
further agility titles this summer. Twig is also an outstanding hunting dog and has particularly strong water work.
Twig is retired from breeding, but not from the rest of her active life! She is a very young and spry 9 year old dog.

Besides her good looks and outstanding drive, Twig earns a lot of attention for her wonderful demeanor. She lives
to please and has been a very easy dog to train. Twig plays gently with children and small animals but has a big
bark and is not afraid to put herself between her family and danger (for example, there was the time she scared off
the grizzly bear that was just a few feet away from me in the bushes!) She is physically tough and has no
reservations about crashing through dense bush, icy water, or through other factors to get a bird. When she isn't
training, hunting or competing, Twig's favorite past-time is snuggling on the couch under a blanket.

Twig has produced three litters for us, 2 sired by Prairiestorm Hawk, and one by our Chester. Her puppies are
extremely athletic, intelligent, and have more natural bird-finding ability than any I have ever seen. Both of our
'keeper' puppies from her 2009 litter were hunting grouse at 8 months of age. Twig puppies are titled in hunt tests,
agilityk, working certificates, and dock diving.

Twig remains an important contributor to our breeding program through her daughters (see below).
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Dam: Spider's Sunshine AADC AGDC MSDC MSCDC
Sire: FC FTCH AFTCH Taylorslab Magic Trick MH CD


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