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Kimber is a gorgeous dog.  She stood out as a puppy with her good looks, lovable attitude, and even as a wee
youngster, she had an eye for birds. Kimber is  a very pale shade of yellow  which has helped her earn the
nickname "White Lightning".  Kimber reminds us a lot of Nestle behaviour wise- she is very playful, happy go lucky
and loves everybody (but especially cats!) You will not find a birdier dog anywhere than Kimber. She has an
outstanding nose and if you really want to have a great upland hunt, this is the dog to hunt over.  Kimber has been
successfully hunting since she was 8.5 months old and when she's along, you just don't lose birds - period!

Currently, Kim is in training for agility, hunt tests, and dog sledding. She has explosive speed and agility! She is also
a quick thinker so agility comes naturally to her. Structurally, Kimber is very nice- compact, well angulated, and
power wrapped a petite package. Her competitive debut was a success, earning her first Gamblers Q and first place
finish in her first trial. Kimber has also begun nosework training and enjoys learning new tricks- having earned her
Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced trick dog titles in 2014.

Although Kimber quite enjoys all the training and action in her life, she is truly a very calm and well-mannered house
pet. She enjoys snoozing on the sofa, curling up with her kitty friends, and carrying around fuzzy items. She has
sisters with hunt test, agility, and dock dogs titles, including 2 x World Championship Dock Dog qualifier Sable.
Kimber's puppies have been very successful in agility (the first Eromit MACH & AKC invitational competitor is a
Kimber daughter!) in the field as gun dogs, hunt test and working certificate competitors, and as family dogs.  They
would be especially well suited for Search and Rescue due to their keen noses and drive.
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Eromit's Kimber Surprise ATD SGDC
Call Name:    
10 Gen COI:
Yellow (eeBb) - carries chocolate
20 3/4 inches
50 pounds
OVC Normal 0042952
OVC Normal 0042952
CAER Clear (2014) LR-EYE5076/67F-PI
Clear - by parentage
Clear - by parentage
Clear - by parentage
Clear - LR-PRA699/21F-PI