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Fastergun Black Jet
Call Name:       
10 Gen COI      
Black (EeBb) - carries yellow & chocolate
44 lbs
OFA Excellent LR-208161E30F-VPI
OFA Normal LR-EL62586F30-VPI
OFA Normal LR-SH284F30-VPI
CAER Clear 2014  LR-EYE4225/33F-VPI
Clear - by parentage
Clear - by parentage
Clear- Optigen
Clear- Optigen
Jet was born at another kennel from a litter sired by our recently retired stud dog Ace. She is also out of the same
dam (Lee) as our wonderfully talented Verona. When we found out she was available we jumped at the chance to
bring her home. Jet is nearly 3 years old and is a new addition to our family and we are very excited to have her
here. She is proving to have a wonderful disposition- friendly, outgoing, and confident, with a keen sense of humor.
She is a tiny little creature and an exceptional athlete like her half-siblings, with nice working structure.

Jet's one true love in life is retrieving. She will do anything for the promise of a game of fetch as a reward, and she is
often found carrying her prized toys around in the hopes of instigating a game. She is  a very bright, drivey,
energetic, and motivated little dog and has just started her agility training. It is especially exciting to see her  
volunteering to try new equipment that she has never been on before with a confident, fun loving attitude!

We will be expecting our first Jet litter in 2015.
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