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Beretta was a stand-out puppy from the beginning.  She has a beautiful  dark yellow coat, and was a real mischief
maker as a youngster - always escaping from the whelping box and being adventurous. Now that she has grown up,
her intelligence is put to better use, whether in training for agility or hunting, or instigating a game of fetch with

Beretta, or "Red" as she is nicknamed,  is an energetic dog that loves to retrieve! She is an especially strong
swimmer and would happily swim and fetch all day. Cold water work is her specialty.   Red is a very focused, fun dog
to train with an incredible will to please. Making mom happy is her number one priority in life and she is rarely
distracted from this goal! She began her hunting career at the tender age of 8.5 months and since then, Red has
proven to be a remarkable grouse dog. Her nose is amazing- and she has a natural, close working quartering
pattern. She has expanded her experience to include waterfowl, and more recently, shed antler hunting. Big Canada
geese are not a problem for her- she is strong and enjoys the challenge. She is a 3rd generation titled agility dog
and is an exceptional jumper. We have discovered that she has a natural talent for herding sheep, which has come
in handy more than once. Red also alerts on bears so we always feel safe with her out in the bush.  When she's not
hard at work, Red is a quiet, well-mannered house dog that is very easy to live with. Puppies from her litters are
training for hunting, agility, obedience, search and rescue, and are well-loved family companions. Be sure to check
out our own Beretta puppies: Pickle, Missie & Glitzy

Beretta is now retired from breeding, and has found herself a great family who is keeping her busy with a lot of fetch,
hiking, grouse and shed hunting!
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Prariestorm Hawk
Eromit's Xtrema Retrieva SGDC
(ADC-1, AGDC-4, MJDC-1, MSCDC-1)
Yellow (eeBb) - carries chocolate
58 pounds
22 inches
OVC Normal  0042951
OVC Normal 0042951
Clear - LR-55234 2011
Clear - by parentage
Clear - by parentage
Clear - by parentage
Clear LR-PRA698/21F-PI
Call Name:       
10 Gen COI: