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Available Rescues
Over the years we have become very involved in rescuing animals from unsuitable living situations. We
have rescued a variety of animals such as mice, rabbits, horses and sheep, but mostly concentrate our
efforts on dogs and cats. Once the rescued pet has been health checked, spayed or neutered and trained
to a suitable level, he or she is made available for adoption. A small adoption fee is usually requested to
help pay for veterinary expenses, and allows us to continue our rescue efforts.

In addition to working in a 'hands-on' capacity, we are also supporters of the BCSPCA and several smaller
rescues, which you can find listed below. There are always animals in need in local shelters, so if you can
help out by volunteering, adopting, or making a donation, your support is always welcome!
Happy Tails from Adopted Rescues

Border Collie
Adopted by
Cindy & Denis
in Prince George

Akita X Adopted by family in La Ronge


Adopted by
family in
The Pas, MB


Adopted by
family in


Adopted by
family in

DSH Tabby

Adopted by
family in
Orphan Kitties - adopted by various
families in Saskatoon, SK
What to Do if you Can't Keep Your Pet
1. If you purchased your puppy from us, we will always take it back, no matter what! Please contact us
if it's not working out or unforseen circumstances force  you to look for a new home for your Eromit puppy
or dog. (This is actually required in your purchase contract).

2. If you purchased your pet from another breeder, always contact them. Responsible breeders will take
your pet back and/or help you find them a home. If your pet was adopted from a recognized shelter or
rescue group, please contact them. Most also have a return policy that must be followed.

3. If you have FOUND the pet as a stray, please contact your local shelters, animal pound, pet stores and
veterinary clinics - these are the most common places for people who have lost a pet to advertise. Check
social media groups, and take the pet to a veterinarian or shelter and ask them to scan the pet to see if it
has a microchip,  and check for a tattoo, which will then provide the owner's information.  Most local radio
stations also have a lost and found listing which you can place an ad on for free.

4. If the above situations do not apply to you, you may be able to find a new home for your pet by inquiring
with people you know such as friends, family members or co-workers. You can also try putting an ad in the
newspaper or online, but be sure to screen potential adopters carefully. We never recommend 'free to
good home' ads as these tend to attract unscrupulous types of people.

5. If you can not find a home for your pet in any of these ways, talk to someone in a breed-specific rescue.
Go online to search for kennel clubs, rescue groups, or breeders in your area who might be able to direct
you to a group who is familiar with your pet's needs and will be able to place them in a permanent, loving

6. If you can not find a rescue group who is able to help, your local shelter may be able to assist, although
we encourage using them only as a last resort (these shelters are designed to take in pets who are lost,
abused, or otherwise in immediate danger).
No adoptable animals currently available
Please see below for area rescues.