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To reserve a puppy, applicants who have been approved  will be asked to place a $250 deposit. This
deposit will be applied to the total purchase price of the puppy. This deposit is refundable if
a) the breeding does not take, or does not occur within 2 months of the predicted time.
b) there are not enough born of the sex/color that you are interested in
c) we feel that no puppy is a good match for you due to health, structure, or temperament of the puppy,  or
for any other reason that we feel is in the best interest of you, us, or the puppy.

The deposit is non-refundable under all other scenarios. Please do not ask to place a deposit unless you
are certain that an Eromit Lab puppy is what you are looking for, and the proposed timing is right.

Puppies are $1500 PLUS taxes (5% GST and 7% PST which total $180). Your $250 deposit applies to the
purchase price. The cost includes  everything below - the only extra cost to you would be if you choose
have your puppy delivered instead of picking him or her up at Eromit Acres, which is not an option for all
areas or all litters  (please confirm before reserving a puppy).

All puppies come with the following:
a) Canadian Kennel Club registration (non-breeding unless otherwise agreed at the time of reservation).
b) first vaccinations, up to date deworming, a thorough vet examination and vet records.
c) Tattoo
d)Complimentary health insurance trial policies through Pet Secure, Pets Plus Us, and Trupanion (we can
not control if these programs are discontinued so please double check with us if it's important to your
e) Puppy starter kit which includes collar, leash, food sample, all documentation, and a toy or blanket that
smells like mom. Also a voucher for 10% off any purchases through made through our store for the life of  
your puppy!
Our puppy health warranty.
g) Access to our online training group where you can connect with other puppy buyers and get answers for
training/care questions from them or us!
h) A photo CD or DVD with all of your puppy's baby photos, as well as digital copies of your puppy's
pedigree, pictures of the parents,  and parental health clearances (this CD is sent with the registration
papers by mail after puppy pickup).
i) Lifetime Breeder Support (this is the most valuable item on the list). It includes our extensive Puppy     
Owner's Manual which is sent to you before your puppy goes home so that you are well prepared, as well
as ongoing advice/support as needed for the life of your puppy. If you have questions about or problems  
with your puppy, we WANT to know about them, and will help in any way we can!

Puppy Pricing & Deposit Policy
Eromit Labrador Retrievers
Eromit Labrador Retrievers